Happy BD Ouji!

Happy BD Ouji!

coach tachibana’s smile

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17 years of One Piece: Foreshadowing

Crocodile’s relationship with Whitebeard (possibly a former Whitebeard pirate?) when he was a rookie and how much that influenced the person he is today is something that I’ve been dying to see more development of. Particularly since, during the War, he seemed heavily affected whenever Whitebeard was greatly injured, and later when he finally passed away, to the point of changing his behavior completely. Daz brought this up again, after the war was already over. Hopefully Crocodile’s return to the New World is an opportunity for us to learn more about this soon.

This is one of my favorite theories and subjects to think about :D

Though my personal take on it’s a bit different. (Mainly that Croc was never officially on the crew- the position was being saved for him but he turned it down because he was too headstrong and didn’t want to “be in Whitebeard’s shadow”…  Either way is feasible but I think if he’d actually been on the crew, it would have been mentioned.)

…oh god we’re gonna have to wait like five more years to find out D: (I just hope whatever arc Croc shows up in again isn’t as much of a clusterfuck as Dressrosa has been, haha)

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Roronoa Zoro

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I’m not a Rintori-shipper, but I liked those pictures quite a lot (and my Ai likes them, everything for the kohai) - so yeah, here you go. c;

Matsuoka Rin [Casual] (Free!)

Nitori Aiichiro - Nyo
Photographer - Bezi

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rin has his team’s full support


rin has his team’s full support

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Makoto Tachibana’s source of happiness since forever.

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One Piece Anniversary: Day 4 - Tears
— Zoro’s vow to his captain

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